About the Initiative

Quality as a Trail Blazer

The “Automotive Quality Alliance” has been initiated by the members of the Quality Management Commission (QMA) within the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). All automotive manufacturers who maintain production facilities in Germany and a representative selection of automotive supply companies are represented on the QMA.

In 2005, the manufacturers and suppliers on the executive board of the VDA drafted a common attitude towards quality and common ground regarding the responsibility for quality. Due to the massive increase in international supply flows and shorter innovation cycles the importance of qualitative safeguarding along the entire supply chain will continue to increase. It is a matter of integrating new technologies, materials and suppliers into the supply chain who are not yet as familiar with the quality standards specific to the automotive industry.

The “Automotive Quality Alliance” strengthens the significance of the idea of quality, operative quality management and quality cooperation in the automotive industry. Started in 2015 in Germany, the initiative should encourage the global exchange of quality-oriented companies in the long term and sensitize as many companies in the supply chain as possible for quality issues.

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The brochure offers you an overview of the aims and activities of the “Automotive Quality Alliance”.

YAQA_Broschuere_Cover_klein.jpgou will find therein among other things an editorial written by the members of the Quality Management Commission and a word of greeting from the chairman of that commission, Knudt Flor, pursuant to the current challenges and opportunites for the automotive industry.


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The seven principles behind the Automotive Quality Alliance

  • Value-added partnership

    We see quality assurance as a common task and responsibility of all companies along the supply chain. The continuous development of quality management at every level of the delivery chain is of essential importance for the success of the products vis-àvis the end customers.

  • Resources

    We use all necessary resources to deliver the jointly defined level of quality and are committed to anchoring the quality principle in all functional areas of our companies and in our relations with suppliers.

  • Communication

    We ensure an active, smooth exchange of information in and among the companies along the supply chain to allow punctual and effective common action in terms of quality.

  • Automobile-specific standards

    We promote the use of quality management standards that are drafted and developed jointly by the manufacturers and suppliers in the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

  • Transparency

    We actively promote the know-how of our employees and suppliers in terms of their role in the supply chain and their specific contribution to the function and quality of the final product.

  • Collaborative learning

    We discuss successful quality initiatives and examples of applied quality management methods, and also promote the transfer of know-how among the companies of the supply chain.

  • Innovation

    We incorporate quality management into the innovation processes at an early stage and work closely when integrating new suppliers and future technologies into the automobile supply chain to ensure the highest of quality standards.